Equipped with three brushes, this machine washes a vehicle's entire circumference—front, sides, and rear—ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning.


A three-brush machine for comprehensive vehicle cleaning, efficiently washing the entire circumference, including front, sides, and rear, ensuring thorough cleanliness.


This is a long-selling washing machine to wash the sides of a vehicle with two units of brushes. The footprint is the smallest among the stationary washing machines.


This is a standard stationary washing machine to wash the whole circumference (the front, sides, and rear) of a vehicle with two units of brushes.


A durable, long-selling machine with two brushes for precise vehicle side washing. The motor control brush loading system ensures accurate and effective cleaning.


Equipped with four brushes, this machine thoroughly washes a vehicle's entire circumference—two brushes for sides, and the other pair for front and rear, ensuring comprehensive cleaning.


A stationary machine with five brushes, it washes a vehicle's entire circumference—roof, front, sides, and rear—delivering a superb finishing touch.