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NSW-5 Rinse Water

This water recycling device reuses the water used for washing and rinsing vehicles.With a recycling rate of 100%, water is stably supplied. It fully-automatically performs water purification and self-cleaning to maintain functions, and requires no daily maintenance.It also processes wastewater discharged from a plant, making it the optimal system for removing oil and floating objects.With all parts hot-dip galvanized, the device is designed for long-term use. The parts and components used for the system are all made in Japan, ensuring steady operation. Various options are available: SUS specifications, interlocking with other equipment, emergency abnormality detection, data logging, and other specifications at the user’s request.


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NSW-5  Rinse Water Purifier

Processing capacity          5000 L/H
Device size    1800 mm (depth) × 4100 mm (width) × 3015 mm (height) (GL+)
Weight in operation 6000kg(excluding options)
Total power              3.7 kW (three-phase, 200 V, 50/60 Hz)

Change of processing capacity (3,000 L/H, 10,000 L/H, 15,000 L/H), SUS specifications, interlocking with other equipment, emergency abnormality detection, data logging, etc.

  Raw water Treating water
n-hexane SS COD BOD n-hexane SS COD BOD
A 社 23 18 23 15 1 1 11 7
B 社 20 6 18 12 1 1 11 7
C 社 18 15 20 13 1 1 8 5
D 社 16 61 15 10 1 2 11 7



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