A vehicle can be transformed by the sparkle from a wash, and that goes from the smallest car to a full-length train. Japanese firm JCW Nihon Sharyou Senjouki has been providing sparkling cleanliness through its washing machines for vehicles since 1957 and continues to expand its reach.

The Japanese firm designed, manufactured, and sold the first automobile washing machine in Japan and has remained at the forefront of the industry ever since. Company president Naohiro Masuda says JCW focuses on the client’s objectives when developing new technology. This is seen in its development of solutions suitable for the extreme temperatures of Japan’s Hokkaido island, where machines have to be able to function at -30°C.


JCW’s environmental credentials are strong, with a system that recycles 100% of the water used in washing trains for railway companies. This type of innovation has enabled the company to expand into India, where it is working on the country’s high-speed train system through its base in New Delhi.

JCW has also established a base in Indonesia, which – much like India – is in the process of developing its infrastructure for transportation. As such, the company is on the lookout for similarly-minded companies with local knowledge to partner with. As JCW approaches its 70th anniversary, Mr. Masuda hopes the company will develop into a global leader of not only washing machines, but overall washing technology.

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